Habitat Area 2 Remediation & Restoration

January 31, 2020 Update

What is the HA-2 Project?

Remediation and restoration of two lagoons (former evaporation ponds) known as “Habitat Area 2” is an important step in cleanup of the former Zeneca property. The project was approved by DTSC in June 2017 after consultation with several federal, state, and local agencies, including:

Primary remedial construction activities were completed on January 31, 2019, including excavation and removal of about 44,500 cubic yards of soil and sediment from the lagoons, adjacent berms, and surrounding area. The lagoons were restored with a clean sediment layer, and an area within the lower lagoon was treated in place with activated carbon. The existing berms were replaced with clean soil and reshaped. Habitat restoration activities, including planting of native vegetation, was completed on January 31, 2020. Monitoring and reporting of the remedy and habitat restoration begins in 2020.

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